Tips on how to use video ads to increase leads and sales with Aleric Heck

Our clients that are adding YouTube video ads to their sphere of marketing and advertising, is they’re seeing that’s what’s currently providing the biggest return on ad spend because of the fact that it has that rich media that people can watch.

But when you start out with YouTube, we’ve done a lot of testing, natural actually works better.

We found the best ads on YouTube, especially for people that are the face of a business, if you’re a coach, consultant, course, something like that, is to have a two to a five-minute-long ad.

If you want your clients to succeed the best, I really, genuinely believe this, you have to give a holistic view of what they need to do to succeed because people don’t know what they don’t know. You can’t just promise somebody that it’s a silver bullet if you to do just this one thing.

The difference-maker between a campaign that can do good, or a campaign can do phenomenal, is how deep you go with your targeting.

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YouTube video ads: If a picture’s worth 1000, or 100 words, what is a video worth? A million?

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Doug: Well, welcome back listeners to another episode of Real Marketing Real Fast. Today, we’re going to talk about all things YouTube advertising, and how to get the highest ROI from your online advertising.

Doug: Our guest in the studio today is Aleric Heck. He was a teenager when he first started his YouTube channel, and fast forward 10 years, he’s now a leading expert in YouTube ads and runs Ad Outreach, which is a leading firm in the space. Aleric not only teaches the strategy, but he does it himself, generating over $2 million a year in his own YouTube ads. He is a member of the coveted ClickFunnels Two Comma Club, and his YouTube programs and ads help coaches, consultants, and course creators generate leads and sales from YouTube ads.

Doug: If you listen later in the episode, he’s going to talk about the 3D approach, and why most people who are running YouTube ads fail because they’re only using one particular channel. He’s helped his clients generate over eight figures in sales from YouTube. Today, Aleric is here to pull back the curtain, and we’re going to have a great discussion, I think you’ll enjoy it, and show you how we crack the code with YouTube ads, and how you can do the same. So, welcome Aleric to the Real Marketing Real Fast podcast today.

Doug: Hey Aleric, super excited to have you on the Real Marketing Real Fast podcast today.

Aleric Heck: Excellent. Well, thank you for having me on, Doug, I really appreciate it.

Doug: Here we are, having an audio interview in, as you discussed before we started recording, in the year of … or, the decade of video.

Aleric Heck: Absolutely, absolutely.

Doug: Do you want to just share what your vision is for 2020, and this next few years moving forward, as you guys focus, extremely, with intent, in the video sector?

Aleric Heck: Absolutely, thanks, Doug.

Aleric Heck: I would say that my main area of focus and expertise is with YouTube ads, but it’s not just YouTube that is going to be the focus going into 2020. It’s a total change in the advertising that breaks through to people and breaks through the noise and clutter. Right now, there’s a lot of people relying on image ads, even text ads on Google, but image ads on Facebook and people are just seeing the marketplace get more and more crowded. One swipe and you’ve gone on Facebook. One image,