Imagine making one small tweak to your marketing funnel that could potentially double your business. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, I’m about to reveal a simple strategy that could do just that & has been a game-changer for my business and countless clients.

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I’ll show you my “5 Minute Tweak” to Maximize the Revenue from your Marketing Funnels

Show You How to Collect Phone Numbers without substantially decreasing your conversion rates

How to use those Phone Numbers to Maximize Your Sales

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The Simple Tweak that Could Double Your Sales Calls & Revenue

After we implemented this tweak in 2020, we grew our business by 6,052% in just three years (from 2020 – 2022). Yeah, you read that right. Verified by INC Magazine – Earning us a spot as the #60 Fastest Growing Company in America that year (& earning us a spot again last year)! And a big part of that growth came from this one simple shift I’m about to share.

So, what’s the secret sauce?

It’s all about Collecting Phone Numbers.

Here’s the deal: When people sign up for our free trainings or download our free PDFs, we now require them to provide their phone number along with the usual name and email. Simple, right?

Now, you might be thinking, “Won’t that scare people away?” Sure, it might slightly reduce conversions, but here’s the kicker: The leads you do get are way more valuable.

Why? Because you can now reach them where they’re most responsive – their phones.

Think about it. What do people check more often: emails or texts?

Exactly. We’re glued to our phones — in fact, the statistics show that people respond to texts far more frequently than emails.

Implementing this strategy has significantly improved our ability to book appointments, close sales, and generate revenue.

Because it allows us to reach our leads in a way that is more conducive to driving meaningful conversations — by text & phone call!

And the best part? It works for all types of businesses – coaches, consultants, course creators, product sellers, you name it.

To make this work smoothly, we use software called Aloware. This tool lets us easily send texts, make calls, and leave voicemails directly from the software. It’s like having a supercharged CRM that actually helps you connect with leads.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “This sounds great, but how do I get consistent leads in the first place?”

Well, I’ve got you covered there too. That’s exactly what I share inside of our YouTube Ads Strategy we implement for clients!

YouTube Ads → Optin Form With Phone Number → Training → Phone Call

And then make sure that you Call & Text all of your leads!

You can get an appointment setter & pay them a base + commission to call all of your leads & pay them for each qualified appointment they book and/or every deal that closes from the calls they set with you or your sales team.

This allows you to squeeze all the juice out of the leads that you spend your hard-earned marketing dollars acquiring!

Also, if you’re worried about losing conversions due to having the phone number required – here’s another pro tip – you can make the Phone Number Optional but still on the form.

That way, you have the best of both worlds – you collect phone numbers & the people who really don’t want to give a number will still opt in without it (that said – keep in mind we’ve found those who decline to put in a phone number often aren’t the highest quality leads anyways)

With Email open rates declining & more touch points being needed to close deals than in the past — collecting phone numbers is bound to be a great way to boost your revenue!

I made a full video walking you through how this works on my YouTube Channel:

Watch the Full Video on YouTube:

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