After 7 less successful attempts, the 8th Webinar I created became my first Webinar to produce 8 Figures for my business, AdOutreach.

In fact, that webinar was so successful it took me 3 years & 7 more iterations to finally beat its performance. For those 3 Years, I drove the vast majority of my YouTube Ads traffic to that Webinar & it had massive results for my business.

Now, I’m going to give you the Exact Formula & Playbook I used to craft my Best Performing Webinar, Step-by-Step!

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I’ll give you my “8 Figure Webinar Training”

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The 8-Figure Webinar Formula

If you’re looking to scale your Coaching, Consulting, or Expert

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The 5 Key Steps to a Successful Webinar 🔑 

Step 1: Craft your Webinar Content

Start with a big idea or promise (e.g., “How to use our new Alpha AI strategy to scale your business to 7-8 figures with YouTube Ads”)

Identify your target audience and their pain points (e.g., rising ad costs, inconsistent results)

Outline 3-5 key pillars or steps you’ll teach to help them achieve their desired outcome

Include proof, testimonials, and case studies throughout the webinar

Tell your story and explain why you’re qualified to teach this topic (e.g., share your journey, awards, and client results)

Offer a freebie (e.g., a PDF guide) for attendees who stay until the end

Step 2: Design your Webinar Slides

Create a Webinar that follows a proven structure (e.g., intro, content, close)

Incorporate engaging visuals, illustrations, and stock photos from sites like Adobe Stock

Highlight key points, promises, and benefits throughout the presentation

End with a strong call-to-action (e.g., book a strategy call, purchase a course)

Include a QR code and button linking to your call booking page or course checkout

Step 3: Record your Webinar

Use screen recording software like Camtasia to capture your slides and audio

Use a high-quality microphone like the Blue Yeti for clear audio

Turn on your camera to increase engagement and connection with your audience

Aim for a 45-60 minute webinar packed with value

Step 4: Set up your Webinar Funnel

Upload your recorded webinar to a video hosting platform like Vimeo

Use a webinar platform like WebinarJam or EverWebinar to host your automated webinar

Configure your webinar settings, including:

Three schedule options (top of the hour, 7 PM, 10 AM the next day)

Registration page (use your own design or a pre-built template)

Email notifications (confirmation, reminders, replay)

Dynamic attendee count (e.g., 158)

Live chat disabled, but allow questions via email

Clickable call-to-action buttons at key moments

Create a high-converting registration page using a landing page builder like ClickFunnels

Integrate your webinar platform with your email marketing tool to capture leads

You can get a 14 Day Trial of WebinarJam / EverWebinar using This Link

Step 5: Promote your Webinar

Create YouTube ads to drive traffic to your registration page (see my full tutorial on how this works)

Optimize your ad targeting to reach your ideal audience

Set up tracking and analytics using tools like Google Analytics to measure the performance of your ads and funnel

Retarget registrants and attendees with follow-up ads and emails to increase conversions

Full Tutorial on How to use YouTube Ads to Promote Your Webinar

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Remember, Repetition Is Key!

It took me 8 tries to create what became an 8 Figure Webinar for my business & I wasn’t able to beat that control for almost as many webinars afterwards!

What does that mean? Repetition is Key!

While my strategy here is designed to help support you – the best thing you can do is get started, test, optimize & then when you have a winner – scale!

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