One of the biggest challenges that Coaches & Consultants running a High Ticket offer face is the dreaded “No Show” — someone who books a strategy call & doesn’t show up to the appointment…

It can really be frustrating for yourself or your sales rep if you have a call on the calendar that doesn’t end up showing up — and the switching costs of waiting a few minutes to see if they’ll make it, sending a reschedule link & needing to shift into another activity can waste valuable time.

That’s why one of the most important things you can do is minimize your No-Shows by maximizing your Call Show Rate. That’s exactly what I’m going to share with you today!

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How to Decrease No-Shows for Your Sales Calls

If you’re a high-ticket coach or consultant, you know how frustrating it can be when prospects fail to show up for scheduled sales calls.

It’s a waste of your valuable time and can really put a damper on your sales pipeline. But what if I told you there are proven strategies to dramatically increase your show-up rates so you can enroll more deals than ever before?

After doing over 12,000+ calls as a company, we’ve learned a thing or two about reducing no shows & boosting show-up rates!

First, it’s important to understand why some prospects don’t show up, even after they seem committed and excited at first.

The reasons can range from simple forgetfulness to deeper psychological barriers. But by identifying your ideal clients and focusing your efforts on the right leads, you can fill your pipeline with people who are likely to show up and are in a position to actually commit.

So, what are the attributes of the highest quality leads?

It’s not just about financial readiness – it’s a mix of traits that make them perfect for your offer.

By focusing on prospects who meet these criteria, you can transform your sales strategy, boost conversion rates, and ultimately close more deals.

Interestingly, the people who aren’t fully qualified are often the same ones who end up being no-shows.

So by vetting your calls and giving more opportunity to higher-quality leads, you can actually improve your show-up rate.

One way to streamline this process is by setting up an automated qualification system. Lead scoring assigns points based on a lead’s prior actions and information they submit. (We actually do this in real-time using a Dynamic Typeform – but that may be an email for a different time — stay tuned!)

By studying your best clients and what they did before becoming a client, you can identify signs of a qualified lead.

Automated communications, triggered by specific actions leads take, can also help keep your business top-of-mind and disqualify poor-fit leads.

For prospects who have already booked a call, there are key things you can do to increase the likelihood they’ll show up:

Send email reminders to confirm their booking (these are usually in your email scheduling software)

Auto-cancel if they don’t confirm they’ll show up (either via reply or automation)

Send booking reminders via email and text (24 Hours in advance, 1 hour in advance & 10 minutes in advance)

Have clear cancellation/rescheduling policies to protect your time (Let people know they need to give 24 hours notice)

Another opportunity to make a lasting impression and encourage prospects to show up is your thank you page.

On Your Call Booked / Thank You Page you want to make sure to:

Make them feel genuinely congratulated and appreciated

Reinforce the value and breakthrough they’ll experience on the call

Include a personalized 2-3 minute video to put a face to your brand

Outline next steps and speak directly to their motivations

Incorporate testimonials/case studies for social proof

Side note – if you want to see what our Call Booked / Thank You Page looks like — you can always schedule your own YouTube Ads call with us – just make sure you show up! 😉

This will further increase the chances that your prospects show up to the call because you are continuing to sell WHY they should show up to the call!

Remember, the first sale is “Why should I spent an Hour of my precious time on this call?” — so that is the first thing you need to sell them – both in your marketing & on the Thank You page itself!

I break this all down more in my full YouTube Video below:

Watch the Full Video on YouTube:

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