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In Today’s Newsletter, I will show you how you can land on Podcasts & then use those Podcasts as your own Infinite Organic Content for YouTube and Shorts!

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I’ll give you my “YouTube Podcast Amplifier Strategy” that you can use to get booked on Podcasts and repurpose them for YT Content!

I share an Update on the State of the Marketing Minds Newsletter & how much we’ve grown since we launched last year!

Also, In case you missed it, last week I shared 20 Free Trainings & Resources to Hit the Ground Running in 2024 (Click here to Read!)

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The YouTube Podcast Amplifier Strategy

What if you could be Featured on Podcasts & then use those Podcast Features to Fuel the Growth of your YouTube Channel and Short-form Content?

Well, that’s exactly what you can do with My New Training on the YouTube Podcast Amplifier Strategy! 🎙️

The YouTube Podcast Amplifier Strategy involves booking consistent podcast guest appearances, posting them on your own YouTube channel with permission from the host, turning them into short-form content using AI, and then promoting the long-form videos using YouTube in-feed ads.

This strategy allows you to easily create consistent long-form and short-form content (for YouTube & Cross-Platform), whilst building industry credibility and reaching new audiences via organic reach & in-feed ads to generate leads!

The Benefits? (There are MANY!)

Easily Create Consistent Long-form YouTube Content

Podcasts are easier to film since they’re conversational

You can use this to bolster your YouTube channel content

Refine your Message to Market with Podcasts

Podcasts are great for refining your Message to Market

Podcast Hosts are trained to ask questions your prospects may be thinking

You get Exposure & New Reach from those Podcasts – Giving You Organic Leads

The Podcasts have their own Audiences you will reach

This allows you to tap their warm audience & generates new leads (even before reposting)

Build Industry Credibility for Appearing on Podcasts – Become the Authentic Authority in your Niche

Appearing on podcasts helps position you as the Authentic Authority in your space

This also helps with people searching you

You can easily Create Consistent Daily Short Form Content on All Platforms (YouTube Shorts, Instagram, Reels, TikTok, etc.)

This will give you an endless supply of short form content to cross-post

This will grow your Social media channels (podcast content pops on organic!)

You can run In-Feed (Discovery) Ads to these Videos Leading to more Exposure, Channel Growth & Leads

You can run these videos as In-Feed Ads that have multiple benefits

Grow Your Channel (Subscribers)

Get more Exposure (long-form podcasts nurture audiences)

Get more Leads (you’ll get optins from your gift by promoting this)

Create Retargeting Buckets for In-Stream Ads later (Conversion Ads)

In-Feed Ads are more affordable & approachable than In-Stream ads, meaning you can run these for as little as $5-10/day but still reach your Core Audience with Targeting

Overall the Video Podcast Video LaunchPad strategy is a great multi-purpose Video Growth Strategy that does 3 Things at Once

Reaches New Audiences on Podcasts

Creates YouTube & Social Media Content to Grow & Nurture

Allows you to Run In-Feed Ads to Reach New Audiences & Leads

All that sounds great, but how do I do it? You Ask.

Well, this is the Marketing Minds Newsletter & my Goal is to Give you Massive Amounts of Value for Free — so I’ve put it all together in a 17 minute Training Video & a 7 Page PDF!

The YouTube Podcast Amplifier Strategy

Download the Podcast Amplifier PDF

An Update on the Marketing Minds Newsletter! 📈

Last Year, I launched this Marketing Minds Newsletter with the Goal to Provide a Weekly Email with Massive Value for my Audience; Complete with Free Trainings, Resources & Marketing Insights.

And Wow, the Reception has Been Fantastic! 😁🚀

Every Friday, I Personally write a 1000-4000 word email to my list with as much value as I can share, along with links to resources!

It’s been so rewarding to see how my emails have impacted so many people — the replies we get, the feedback, the comments, it’s Amazing!

And the best part is — I’m giving it all away for Free!

That means Everyone, from Complete Beginners all the way up to 7, 8 & even 9-figure business owners, all get access to read the same content & receive value to help their businesses thrive!

It’s honestly been such a rewarding part of my week, one that I look forward to, writing each Newsletter & thinking of what content & value I could provide my audience next!

Recently, I was going to give away 12 Trainings & Resources for free…

That was until I realized I had 20 on hand I was going to narrow down, but I just decided to give them all away to help our readers kickstart 2024 strong!

I can’t wait too see how The Marketing Minds Newsletter will grow in 2024 & Beyond!

I’ve been toying with the Idea of Starting a Podcast too 😉

Stay Tuned — Big Things Ahead! 🚀

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