Google has announced that Third Party Cookies (the little bits of information that track users across websites) will be Blocked from Google Chrome at some point in the Next Year.

This poses a Challenge to Advertisers & Marketers who are currently relying on these types of cookies to Optimize Ads, Track Users & Retarget. That’s why in this Edition of the Marketing Minds Newsletter we’re here with a “Cookie Adpocalypse Survival Guide” Ready to help you not only Survive but Thrive!

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I’ll give you my “Cookie Adpocalypse Survival Guide” to Ensure your Ads are Future-Proofed against future changes to 3rd Party Cookies

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The Cookie Adpocalypse (And What To Do)

Google has made its stance clear, they are looking to phase out 3rd Party Cookies over the coming Months/Year and as Marketers & Advertisers we need to ensure that we prepare so we aren’t left in the dark.

So, as Entrepreneurs & Marketers, what does this mean? 

It means that we need prepare & ensure that we take specific steps to ensure that we aren’t overly reliant on 3rd party data.

I’ve outlined some of the key steps to take in our New YouTube Video 

Here are some of the Key Components to Preparing Your Ads:

Use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform to store and manage first-party data.

Gather “hidden data” by setting up UTM tracking across your ads.

Use ad attribution software with advanced data modeling and machine learning capabilities.

Foster transparency by clearly outlining how you collect, use, and protect customer data.

Focus on creating a content strategy that delivers transformational value to your audience.

Explore contextual advertising to engage audiences based on their real-time interests and mindsets.

Leverage partnerships, joint ventures, and embedded partnerships to access and leverage other companies’ first-party data.

I break this down more in-depth in my YouTube Video:

How to Survive Google’s Cookie Apocalypse

Done-For-You YouTube Ads (Shot In Studio)

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