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I’ll give you my “Winning YouTube Ads Script” Formula

My Software to Maximize ROAS & Target YouTube Ads using AI

How to Film 24 Videos in the Time it Takes to Film 2 ½ Videos

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How to Script a Winning YouTube Ad

We’re going to kick off this Newsletter with my Formula for Scripting a Winning YouTube Ad — regardless of the niche or industry you’re in!

Our team has helped script over 4,000+ YouTube Ads for our clients & we’ve discovered there is a Science & Art to crafting YouTube Ads that convert!

The Winning YouTube Ads Script Formula:

The YouTube “Value-Ad” 🏆

After being on YouTube for over 13 years & running YouTube Ads for the last 8 years I’ve seen a thing or two about what converts & what doesn’t on YouTube.

And the Biggest mistake most Entrepreneurs & Marketers make when they create YouTube Ads is they create ads that lack substance & true value.

How often have you seen an Ad on YouTube that goes like this: “Do you have xyz problem, well
then go sign up for my webinar” – Haha No, Thank You!

Why doesn’t this work? Or at least work as well?..

It’s because there’s no actual value delivered WITHIN the video itself that proves to your ideal
clients that your CTA is actually valuable.

If you have a Webinar or a VSL/Training you’re trying to get people to opt into if you don’t provide some form of value on your YouTube Ad, why should your ideal clients expect you to provide value on your Webinar? Or when they become a Client?

That’s why I’ve created a Simple 3 Step Framework for what I call the “YouTube Value-Ad”

This is the Exact same Framework we’ve helped Thousands of Businesses implement with their own YouTube Ads. And guess what? Across Countless industries, client avatars & even countries – this 3 part framework converts every time.

The 3 Keys to a YouTube Value-Ad:

– Hook

– Educate

– Call to Action

Now let’s break each of these down step by step…

1. Hook:

You want to capture your ideal clients attention at the beginning of your Ad (you probably
already knew this)

But what you may not know is that you also want to DETER people who aren’t your ideal client
away from your video.

This way, you train YouTube’s AI to target MORE & MORE of your Ideal Clients, saving money on ad spend towards people that aren’t a good fit.

There are a few main types of Hooks that you can use in your Videos:

● Pattern Interrupts (Could be a Polarizing Hook that Captures Attention)

● Question Hooks (Starting a hook with a question, such as “What If…”)

● Problem & Solution Hook (Pointing out a Problem and Offering a Solution)

● Funny / Clever Hook (Adding some Humor into the Beginning of your Ad)

● Story / Case-Study Hook (Showcasing Results, Case Studies or Stories)

● Education / Value Hook (Leading with Value from the Start of the Ad)

A few examples of great hooks:

“YouTube Ads Beat Facebook Ads Every Time, let’s face it, Facebook Ad Costs are going through the roof, and Even when you have a great ad, they’re almost impossible to scale. In this video I’m going to show you how you can use YouTube Ads to scale your business to 7-8+ Figures…”

This is one of our Best Performing Ads of All Time, it hits many different points – it starts off with a Pattern Interupt in the form of a bold polarizing statement, backed up by a Problem-Solution hook, hitting pain points about Facebook Ads & then introducing a Solution to their Problem: YouTube Ads.

Here’s another one that’s produced great results for us:

“What if you could Ethically Hijack your Competitors Traffic & Send it Directly into your own Funnel? Well in this video I’m going to show you exactly how to do just that using laser-targeted YouTube Ads”

This is a Curiosity Question-based hook designed to capture attention & then promises to
deliver value throughout the video itself (what we do in the Value-Ad).

Starting off hooks with “What If…” is a great way to spark curiosity & create an open-loop.
(Just make sure to deliver on your promise within the ad)

Other great Hooks Call out a Problem, Call out the Ideal Client, Showcase Proof/Credibility in the beginning and/or start with a more straightforward “How To” style.

After the first part of your hook I always like to continue with the phrase “In this video I’m going to…” to set the stage for the Education section of the video & the Value you’re about to provide!

I recommend creating at least 5 Hooks every time you go to create new YouTube Ads so that you can split test which hooks work best (I’ll share a Pro Tip to record all 5 versions of your ad quickly a bit later on in this post)

Once you have a few great hooks ready to go it’s time for the next section of your ad…

2. Educate

This is the KEY to your “Value-Ad” and the section most Entrepreneurs & Marketers leave out or get wrong.

In order for your ads to convert the best you need to know WHY people are on YouTube to
begin with…

Everyone on YouTube is there for 1 of 2 Reasons:

– To be Entertained

– To Learn

We want to reach the people on YouTube who are looking to LEARN

They’re in what I call the “Learner’s Mindset”

They’re specifically looking to learn about something on YouTube & that’s why they’re watching

That’s why if you just create an ad “Have this problem? Sign up for my Training” it doesn’t work – because viewers on YouTube are looking for Value IN the videos (think about it, you likely consume content this way too!)

It’s all about providing Enough Value on your YouTube Ad to show your ideal clients that you’re
serious about providing Value AND that You’re an expert that can actually help them!

What I usually recommend doing is showcasing 2-5 KEYS within the education section of your ad & provide high-level value & advice that your ideal clients can use to solve their problems.

I like to focus on the WHAT & WHY but not the How

What are the Keys that can help them solve their problem?

And why are these Keys important / Why are they better than what else is out there?

What I love to do is to share 2-5 keys at a High Level (What & Why) and then I say that “I’ll dive
deeper into these on our Webinar/Training”

This provides actual value & then teases the fact that you’ll expand on this value inside the Next
Step (boosting conversions)

3. Call to Action

The key with your Call to Actions are to keep them “Stupid Simple”

You need to make it very clear what the next step is for people to take action after your video & the value that they’ll get from taking that next step.

I like to transition my ads by saying something like “Now that you’ve seen ____, I want to invite you to sign up for my _____ where I’ll dive deeper and show you Exactly how to _____”

This allows you to link the value you just provided with even DEEPER value when someone takes action (especially if the next step is a Webinar or a VSL/Training)

I then also like to say the words “When you click the link right here on the screen you’ll get to a page that looks just like this..”

And then I actually SHOW the page that they’re going to see when they click on the link.

We’ve split tested this numerous times & you often get a low single digit % boost in Conversion rates when you SHOW the next steps from your ad – and it’s not a surprise.

^ This is because you’re able to demystify what’s going to happen when someone clicks the link & you add familiarity to the landing page & exactly what the viewer needs to do to take action.

Also if you’re confused why I’m so excited about a “low single digit % boost” in conversions – that adds up FAST, every few % you can increase your conversions is more conversions with turns into a higher ROAS (return on ad spend)!

After this, I like to reiterate the value they’re going to get from opting into the CTA and finally end with a final invite to “Click the Link” before showing the page a final time to create a “Squeeze” in the video.

You want to leave your CTA up on the screen for at least a few seconds to give slower viewers the chance to click your ad links. (This creates another single digit % increase in conversions, that add up fast!)

How to Film Your Value YouTube Ad: 🎬

This is where a lot of people go wrong, they feel that they need “fancy equipment” cameras or
production gear to create a great YouTube Ad…

But in reality, you have all you need to start with your iPhone Camera (seriously they shoot 4k
these days!) and a $149 Gimbal.

We’ve found that the key with your videos is to be seen as the “Authentic Authority” in your
industry – and a great way to do that is by filming a natural YouTube Ad with a simple setup!

If you haven’t heard of a Gimbal before, it’s an amazing tool that allows you to stabilize your iPhone from moving around while recording videos – this creates a smooth, clean feeling for your videos & paired with an iPhone you can create some high quality footage!

The main one I recommend is the DJI Osmo Mobile 6 from Amazon.

You can either record yourself using this setup (for a natural “YouTube-Style” feel) that converts quite well!

Or you can hand the setup off to someone with you who can record you directly.

(Now in the future, OR if you’re a larger business already, that’s when you can get into more
higher-end production – if/when you do that though, I always recommend making the videos still
have an Authentic & Natural feel by filming either on-location or in an Office/Home Office.

That said you can graduate to higher quality camera equipment, just maintaining the authentic feel. – You almost never want to use a Green Screen or a Big Studio for Direct Response YouTube Ads)

I’ll Even Share Our “Video-Blocks” Strategy to Record 24 Ads in the Time it Takes to Film 2 ½ Videos! ⏳

(Later in the Newsletter!)

That’s How you Create a Winning YouTube Ad! 🏆

We’ve helped our clients write over 4,000+ YouTube Value Ads & they all follow this exact same formula for success!

As always feel free to Schedule a Strategy Call if you want our help with writing your own YouTube Ad Script!

Hopefully, you found this valuable & I can’t wait to see your YouTube Ads!

The “Winning YouTube Ads Script” by Aleric Heck

AI Targeting for YouTube Ads 🤖

Most Business owners & Marketers struggle to achieve the ROl they want with Paid Ads because they’re not targeting their ideal clients correctly.

What if you could use Al to Create an Audience of your Perfect Ideal Client Avatar – and use that to target your ads?

That’s Exactly what I set out to do with my AI Software, KeywordSearch, which has been 3 years in the making!

My CTO & I have spent considerable time, effort & money developing what is now changing the game for any business or marketer advertising on Google or YouTube Ads!

The concept is simple:

Simply Describe your Business using one of our Templates

Click “Generate Audiences”

Our AI automatically Builds you the Perfect Google & YouTube Ad Audiences in less than 30 seconds

Click “Sync to Google Ads”

Your Audiences are inside Google Ads, ready to Run!

It’s seriously that simple!

In fact, we’ve already helped over 15,000+ businesses leverage the power of AI in their Ad Targeting with KeywordSearch!

Recently we ran a study on those users…

The Average time it takes someone to go from typing in details about their business to syncing an ad audience is 2.6 Minutes!!

That’s a serious time saver from the manual work it used to take! (If you know anything about audience research, this can take hours done manually!)

And we’re only getting started – we have much more planned!

Take a look at my video below to see KeywordSearch in Action!

You can sign up for a 5 Day All-Access Free Trial to get your Ad Audience Research done & campaigns off the ground!

If you’re not using KeywordSearch for your Google or YouTube Ads, you’re seriously missing out!

You can now iterate Ad Audiences at lightning speed & build more laser-targeted ad audiences with long-tail keywords, affinities, search terms, URLs & more!

The Future is Now! 🚀

The “Video Blocks” Strategy to Record 24 Ads In the Time it Takes to Film 2 ½ Videos!

Now that you know how to Script Winning YouTube Ads, I want to give you a Strategy that I’ve previously only kept for our top clients.

This Strategy allows you to Film 2 Dozen Video Ads to Split-Test in a fraction of the time!

Now You Know How to Write Winning YouTube Ad Scripts & Target them using AI!

I’m looking forward to seeing all of your new YouTube ads pop up as I watch videos!

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