In the Spirit of Christmas & the Holidays, I want to give you some Gifts to help you Scale & Grow your Business in the New Year!

You see, at AdOutreach we have a tradition where each year we do a Secret Santa Gift Exchange & “Santa Aleric” makes a guest appearance!

Santa Aleric’s Surprise Appearance at AdOutreach HQ in Austin TX!

And to honor the “Santa Aleric” tradition, I want to give you 12 Gifts & Trainings to help you Scale & grow your Business in the New Year!

As a Reminder, Our Goal with this Newsletter is to Give You the Highest Level of Value Possible. That’s my Promise to you & I intend to Over-Deliver!

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12 GIFTS & TRAININGS from “Santa Aleric” to help Scale your Business in 2024!

A Training on the Best Credit Cards to Earn Rewards & Free Travel!

& More Surprises!

Alright, let’s Dive In…

12 Gifts from Santa Aleric! 🎅 

Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

In the Spirit of the Season, I want to give you some Gifts & Trainings that my Elves & I have cooked up for you!

Some of these Gifts you may have seen before & some are new! Enjoy!

The Alpha-AI YouTube Ads Strategy Training 90-Minute Training on our “Alpha-AI” Targeting Strategy for YouTube Ads – Claim Gift

The Complete Beginners Guide to YouTube Ads in 2024 A Full Up to Date 30-Minute Tutorial on YouTube Ads for Beginners – Claim Gift!

The OmniPresent Retargeting Strategy PDF A 24 Page PDF on our OmniPresent Strategy to follow your leads Everywhere – Claim Gift!

The Quick Clients Strategy to Help You Enroll up to 12 New Clients with a Simple Loom Video Script & Email Template – Claim Gift!

The 200M YouTube Ads Strategy PDF our Classic 19 Page PDF that Outlines our Best YouTube Ads Strategies & Frameworks – Claim Gift!

Training on How to Scale Your YouTube Channel with YT Ads A Full Training Video on How to use In-Feed YouTube Ads – Claim Gift!

The Entrepreneur’s Mindset Training A Full 90-Minute Training on the Mindset I Cultivated to Scale my Business to 8 Figures Claim Gift!

The Entrepreneur’s Mindset Journal A Daily Journal Template You Can Use to Cultivate a Winning Entrepreneurial Mindset – Claim Gift!

How to Retarget YouTube Subscribers with Ads Full Tutorial on How you Can Tap into a Goldmine by Retargeting Subscribers – Claim Gift!

The Best Business Cards for 2024 to Travel for Free A Full List of Cards You can Use to Travel for Free – Claim Gift!

Top 10 AI Tools to 10X Your Marketing in 2024 Full Video Breaking Down The Top 10 AI Tools for your Marketing – Claim Gift!

5 Days of Free Access to KeywordSearch AI Ad Targeting Software that Creates Google & YouTube Ad Audiences with AI – Claim Gift!

May these Gifts help you See Tremendous Success in the New Year!

Ho, Ho, Ho!

— Santa Aleric 🎅 

The Best Business Credit Cards to Travel for Free on Points!

I love to Travel, but what do I love even more than Traveling to Amazing Destinations? Traveling for Free with Credit Card Points!

Over the last few years, I’ve managed to “Hack” Credit Card Points & Travel anywhere I want to go by redeeming those points!

As you read this, I am on my way to spend Christmas in Costa Rica with my Family, using Credit Card Points I earned through my business! 🏝️

Even better than spending points on myself is spending them on others!

That’s why I give out a Full Caribbean 5-Star Vacation (Flights & All-Inclusive Hotel) to the “Team Member of the Quarter” every Quarter at AdOutreach!

Now that definitely makes me feel like “Santa Aleric” haha!

Not All Cards are Created Equal — Knowing which cards to use to Earn Maximum Points is key!

There’s even a Card that Earns 4X Points on Ad Spend! Now that adds up!

That’s why I made a Video covering the Best Cards & all the Details!

The Best Business Cards to Earn Rewards!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

I Hope You and Your Family have a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

It’s the Holiday Season that helps remind us how much we have to be grateful for & what life is all about! I hope you & your loved ones have a Happy Holiday Season!

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The “Ripple Effect” of Impact & How that Can Fuel your Passion, Motivation & Growth in 2024!

Real Case Studies & Examples of the Marketing Funnels that Scaled Coaching Businesses past 7 & 8 Figures

The REAL on-the-ground insights into what’s going on in the Online Marketing & Coaching/Consulting/High-Ticket Industry (Based on our Insights working with Thousands of Clients)

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I’ll see you in the next one!

Have a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

– Aleric Heck | Founder & CEO of AdOutreach