I joined my friend Adam Erhart on his YouTube Channel to share my Complete Blueprint for YouTube Ads. What originally was supposed to be a 30-45 minute video quickly turned into a full 83-minute Masterclass on YouTube Ads!

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I’ll share my Gratitude for my Mother on Mother’s Day & Her Children’s Book on being your Best Self!

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My Complete Blueprint for YouTube Ads

I recently joined Adam Erhart on his YouTube Channel to break down my Complete Blueprint for YouTube Ads – Including diving into the Google Ads platform & walking him through how to setup a campaign step-by-step!

Adam & I have known each other for many years now & we’ve talked a few times about collaborating, especially as his YouTube channel has blown up in recent years — crossing over 400k Subs – he’s got a lot of value content!

Last week, we made it happen, but instead of just diving in a bit, we went deep — and I broke down my ENTIRE YouTube Ads Strategy & walked him through how he could set up his own campaigns.

Now’s your opportunity to watch over-the-shoulder & check out this video now for my Complete Blueprint on YouTube Ads!

Watch the Full Video on YouTube:

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Gratitude for my Mother on Mother’s Day

My Mother & I after the Launch of her Children’s Book “Enough A Best Self Adventure”

This Mother’s Day, I was thinking about how Incredibly Grateful I am to my Mother & how she raised me to be the man I am today.

From a very young age, I remember my Mother teaching me to “Strive to become the Best Version of Myself Every Day” 😁

This has shaped the man I’ve become & pushes me to strive to become the best person I can be each day.

I remember when I came to the realization of how Impactful these lessons I learned from my childhood had been — 2 years ago my Mother wrote a manuscript for a Children’s Book about becoming the best version of yourself.

I knew that the world needed to see this book & helped her get in touch with one of the best Children’s Book Illustrators & a Publisher!

A year later she released the book on Amazon! 🎉

Enough – A Best Self Adventure

A book all about how you are enough as you are and at the same time to strive to become the Best Version of Yourself!

It turned out amazing & it’s incredible to think of the lives that this book can & will impact — with a lesson everyone needs to hear!

I am truly so incredibly grateful to my Mom for all she’s done for me & so proud of her as she shares such a profound message with the world through this new book!

I’ve shared the book a few times, but if you haven’t picked one up already I’ll share a link below!

If you’re able to support the book it would mean the world to me & my Mom! 😁

Here’s to all the Amazing Mom’s out there for Mothers Day!

And always remember to strive to become the Best Version of Yourself every day! 🚀

Support my Mom’s Children’s Book:

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