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I want to give you the Rocket Fuel you need to Skyrocket your Success in 2024 & Beyond! 🚀

I’m going to give you 20 of my Top Marketing Trainings and Resources!

(You may remember last week’s email where I gave away “12 Free Gifts of Christmas” – well, I’ve added 8 More Trainings & Resources this Week!)

And I also want to share a Deeper, Richer, Rocket Fuel with you as well — The Concept of “The Ripple Effect” which I’ve found is the most pure form of Rocket Fuel you can have to propel your success in any condition!

As a Reminder, Our Goal with this Newsletter is to Give You the Highest Level of Value Possible. That’s my Promise to you & I intend to Over-Deliver!

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I’ll give you 20 of my Top Marketing Trainings & Resources (You can use to Skyrocket your Growth in 2024 & Beyond!)

I’ll share “The Ripple Effect” and How it can Give you the Most Pure Form of Rocket Fuel to Succeed In any Market Condition

My goal is for this Email to be your Guide to Success in 2024, both in Strategy and in your Mindset!

Alright, let’s Dive In…

Here are 20 of My Top Marketing Trainings & Resources to Succeed in 2024!

To kick off 2024 with a Bang, I want to give you 12 Free Marketing Trainings & Resources that you can use to Skyrocket your Success in 2024!

Now, if you read last week’s Edition of the Marketing Minds Newsletter you may have already seen 12 of these Trainings & Resources in my Previous “Gifts from Santa” Email 

I’ve added 8 More Trainings to bring the total to 20 Free Marketing Trainings & Resources!

My Goal is to Help you see the Best Success in 2024 & Beyond!

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20 Free Marketing Trainings & Resources:

The Alpha-AI YouTube Ads Strategy Training 90-Minute Training on our “Alpha-AI” Targeting Strategy for YouTube Ads – Claim Now!

The Complete Beginners Guide to YouTube Ads in 2024 A Full Up to Date 30-Minute Tutorial on YouTube Ads for Beginners – Claim Now!

The OmniPresent Retargeting Strategy PDF A 24 Page PDF on our OmniPresent Strategy to follow your leads Everywhere – Claim Now!

The Quick Clients Strategy to Help You Enroll up to 12 New Clients with a Simple Loom Video Script & Email Template – Claim Now!

The 200M YouTube Ads Strategy PDF our Classic 19 Page PDF that Outlines our Best YouTube Ads Strategies & Frameworks – Claim Now!

Training on How to Scale Your YouTube Channel with YT Ads A Full Training Video on How to use In-Feed YouTube Ads – Claim Now!

The Entrepreneur’s Mindset Training A Full 90-Minute Training on the Mindset I Cultivated to Scale my Business to 8 Figures Claim Now!

The Entrepreneur’s Mindset Journal A Daily Journal Template You Can Use to Cultivate a Winning Entrepreneurial Mindset – Claim Now!

How to Retarget YouTube Subscribers with Ads Full Tutorial on How you Can Tap into a Goldmine by Retargeting Subscribers – Claim Now!

The Best Business Cards for 2024 to Travel for Free A Full List of Cards You can Use to Travel for Free – Claim Now!

The Best Personal Credit Cards for 2024 for Rewards I also made a Full List of the Top Personal Cards to Travel for Free – Claim Now!

Top 10 AI Tools to 10X Your Marketing in 2024 Full Video Breaking Down The Top 10 AI Tools for your Marketing – Claim Now!

5 Days of Free Access to KeywordSearch AI Ad Targeting Software that Creates Google & YouTube Ad Audiences with AI – Claim Now!

My Full Guide to “How to Win Friends & Influence People” One of my Favorite Personal Development Books – Claim Now!

The 4-Step Framework to be a Better Leader & Coach Your Team A Quick 7 Minute Video with a Timeless Framework – Claim Now!

How to Build a Webinar Funnel in 2024 (Step by Step Guide) The Complete 37-Minute Training to Building Webinar Funnels Claim Now!

How to Build a Sales Call Funnel in 2024 (Step by Step Guide) The Complete Training on setting up a Sales Call Funnel Claim Now!

The Complete Framework for a High Ticket Sales Call Learn how to Sell High Ticket Offers Over the Phone in this Video Claim Now!

The “Magic Sentence” to Eliminate Almost All Objections on Sales Calls This is one of our Most Popular Sales Trainings – Claim Now!

The Trojan Horse PDF Funnel Strategy That Increased our Conversions over 40% while Reducing our Cost per Lead! Claim Now!

I hope you find all of these Trainings & Resources Valuable!

I’ll be sharing more Trainings, Resources & Gifts Every Week right here in the Marketing Minds Newsletter (look for us in your inbox every Friday!)

My Goal is to Provide the Most Value Possible in 2024 to Create the Biggest Ripple Effect Possible (see more on that below) — and I’m starting right here with with this Newsletter!

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The Ripple Effect – Rocket Fuel for 2024! 🚀

In addition to Trainings & Resources, it’s important to have another form of Rocket Fuel to propel your business forward.

I’ve found there is One Pure Form of Rocket Fuel that Never Depletes.

And that Rocket Fuel is…

The Ripple Effect 🌊

The Ripple Effect is the Ripple of Impact you Create when you Help People who in turn Help Others — Creating a Positive Ripple of Impact!

When you Positively Impact someone who also focuses on Creating their own Impact you are doing more than just directly helping that one person, you are setting in motion the first domino of a whole wave!

This is one of the Most Powerful Sources of Clean Rocket Fuel you can use to propel yourself under any market condition.

All you need to do is look a the Ripple Effect of What You Do!

For instance, at AdOutreach we help businesses with YouTube Ads & Video Marketing, but what we do is far more than help people with Marketing…

When we help our Clients reach their Ideal Clients with YouTube Ads — we’re creating a Positive Ripple Effect — we’re helping our Clients find people who need their Help — facilitating that connection & positively impacting not just our Client, but their Clients & in turn setting in motion a Positive Ripple Effect.

As an Example on of our clients, Jared, helps local businesses with their Google MyBusiness Profiles (their Google Reviews), this is an essential service that can truly change the course of a local business towards growth.

I remember when Jared started working with us several years ago – he knew he had a solution that local businesses needed, his problem was actually reaching them to let them know!

Once we setup his YouTube Ads he started reaching hundreds of local businesses that needed his help & thats exactly what he did — he helped them prime their Google Reviews & in turn grow their businesses!

Now that led to a lot of success for Jared personally, who grew his own business to new heights & got to fulfill his dream of traveling the country in an RV with his kids!

But more than just the impact on Jared & his Family, there is a Ripple Effect set into motion here, can you see it?

By Jared helping local businesses with their own Google Reviews, he positively impacted THOSE businesses, who in turn got to Positively impac their Local Communities, Families & Employees — continuing the cycle!

The Positive Ripple Effect of Impact through Jared is far beyond anything I can directly see — but I know it exists — and that gives me ALL the ENERGY & FUEL that I need to wake up excited every day & loving what I do!

I’ll share a video below that tells a bit more about Jared’s Story — it’s amazing!

And that’s just one of the Thousands of Clients I’ve had the honor of Impacting! Think of the Total Ripple Effect that Creates!

That’s the Secret to Pure Rocket Fuel — To Push you Forward & Motivate you in any Market Condition.

The Ripple Effect of Impact

(Ripple Of Impact – An Even more Powerful Form of ROI)

The “Ripple Effect” by Aleric Heck

Here’s to An Amazing 2024 🥂

I hope you & your family are having a Happy Holiday Season & I cannot wait to see your Success in 2024 & Beyond!

I hope you find these trainings & resources valuable!

And in terms of this Marketing Minds Newsletter, we’re just getting Started!

Stay Tuned for More Great Value & Content Coming your Way!

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