There is One Big Mistake I see almost every single High-Ticket & Sales-Call based business make when they shift from Owner Sales to a Sales Team.

In this Newsletter, I’m going to reveal what that mistake is & the simple yet effective way to not only avoid it, but actually use this alternative method to your advantage!

I’m also going to share my thoughts on the New Apple Vision Pro!

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I’ll reveal the #1 Mistake People Make when Transitioning from Owner-Led Sales to a Sales Team (and how to fix it)

I share my Thoughts on the new Apple Vision Pro

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Alright, let’s Dive In…

The #1 Mistake When Transitioning to a Sales Team (from doing your own sales)

There comes an exciting time in every High-Ticket, Consulting, Coaching, or Sales-based business when the owner feels it is time to hand off sales calls to a sales team & reclaim their precious time (while opening room to scale).

Now this is a very exciting time in a business & it usually comes after some pretty significant successes & high revenue months/quarters.

That said I have seen Entrepreneurs make the same mistake time & time again when they first bring on a sales team…

They reach new heights, enrolling deals themselves as the owner & they decide to bring on a sales team to continue to grow & reclaim some of their time.

They then hand off all their leads & calls to the new sales team (usually 2-3 reps) and begin to train them on how to enroll those deals

These reps naturally hit some & miss some — but they just don’t enroll at the same rate as the business owner themselves, this creates…

THE DIP — where your business does less revenue with a sales team than you did when you were enrolling deals yourself!

Suffer through it – train up the new reps (taking months & months)

FINALLY — get to the other side where your reps produce more than you did before & you’ve got solid people you can scale with

Most sales trainers/gurus teach that this is inevitable & many businesses just feel it’s a part of the “growing pains” process so they trudge through this dip & it often takes months to get out of the other side.

This makes sense, though, because you’re training new sales reps — it’s going to take time for them to fully learn the ropes and master your offer, and you have the “Owner Effect” that is allowing you to enroll even with mistakes in your process because you’re THE PERSON (a topic for another time).

So what’s the Solution?

Odds are if you’re reading this right now you may have experienced or heard about something similar to this – but most people just say this is just the thing you need to deal with when bringing on a sales team.

But there IS a Better Way!

In fact, I took a different path when I first brought on my sales team that helped me almost eliminate the dip entirely & transition over to a sales team without sacrificing interim sales.

The Secret?

Hyper-Vetting Call Applications, Taking the Most Qualified Calls Yourself & Giving the Rest (Majority) to the Team.

Now, this is pretty controversial, BUT it works. And It’s honestly a Win-Win for both you & the sales team because it alleviates pressure (more on that shortly)

What you’re doing is you’re ensuring you have an application to vett new calls as they come through, keeping the most qualified calls on your calendar – so you ENSURE you are able to enroll them, and then you give the rest to the sales team to earn their stripes, get repetitions in & ultimately EARN the other calls.

Here’s the issue with the old method — Your Reps could MISS out on enrolling your Best Prospects – that’s something many don’t account for.

But if we know reps need to have some repetitions under their belt, why not give them all the other leads to learn from & work until they’re ready for the hottest leads — and have them EARN them!

Here’s what this model looks like differently:

Set Up an Application Grading System for new Phone Calls coming into your Business (Green, Yellow & Red)

Keep the Green Leads for Yourself (early on) — taking the deals you know absolutely can & should enroll — you DO enroll them (preventing a dip in revenue by having the sales team miss out on these sales)

Cancel the Red Leads & Give the Yellow Leads (which is the bulk of your leads) to your new Sales Team (recommended 2-3 reps)

The breakdown is usually 20% Green 60% Yellow & 20% Red — ultimately most leads are a bit unknown & those are what you give the team

Now you take the Top 20% of the calls – taking less time on your calendar but resulting still in a large % of your revenue to ensure you don’t face a dip

Your sales team takes the other calls & earns their stripes on these during a 90 day probationary period (where they KNOW what is going on – you’re not looking to trick them you are upfront with this plan)

This allows them to earn their stripes, get in their repetitions & prove themselves on these leads – if they can handle those leads, then they can EARN the other leads too

Finally after 90 days you can transition all the leads (over time) to the sales reps once you’re confident they can enroll them

Transition all your sales calls off your plate WITHOUT THE DIP!

This is a method that I used years & years ago when I first built my sales team & its what we now recommend to our clients.

Many of our clients end up getting lots of sales & hitting revenue records after turning on YouTube Ads due to all the high quality leads coming in & many do this with owner sales calls.

Naturally, they want to switch over to a sales team to save themselves time & to scale up (more calendar space) especially since the YouTube Ads are working so well!

That’s where these 2 options come into play & I can tell you those who make it more of a TRANSITION vs giving all the calls over right away save themselves a lot of headache & revenue that would have been lost to the dip.

I made a quick 6 minute video that walks you through this below as well:

How to Transition Sales In Your Business & Avoid the #1 Mistake (& The Dip)

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My Thoughts on the Apple Vision Pro!

The Apple Vision Pro is Pretty Remarkable!

Honestly, it reminds me of the early iPhone, Apple Watch Gen 1, etc. — First Gen Tech that, while not fully polished yet, gives you a massive glimpse into what is to come in the future! 💯

I’ve always been someone who loves trying out the latest tech when it first comes out — harkening back to my days creating a 500k+ Subscriber Tech Review YouTube Channel, AppFind.

What I feel when I use my Apple Vision Pro is the same thing I felt in the early days of the iPhone & Apple Watch — the sense of POSSIBILITY as to what is coming next.

There’s not a lot of apps yet for the Vision Pro, it’s a bit heavy on the head & battery life is low — but the underlying technology is incredibly innovative & I can see how this has the ability to become a desktop replacement — creating a massive virtual screen you can use to get work done!

And that’s before you dive into the AR / VR possibilities with custom apps that are out & will be released in the coming years.

I think Augmented Reality is going to change the way we use & interface with computers long-term — the ability to have spatial computing with numerous screens & tabs all in front of you is a clear peak at what the future may have in store!

What are your thoughts on the Apple Vision Pro?

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