Every time I get invited to speak at an event or virtual summit, the biggest topic I get asked to share is our “Alpha-AI” Targeting Strategy for YouTube Ads.

In fact, I’m about to fly out to Phoenix to do a talk & then I’m speaking at Coaching Con next week as well — all around “Alpha-AI” YouTube Ads!

I realized it’s been a little bit since I did a full In-depth Training, so last week, I did an Impromptu Live Webinar & shared some of my YouTube Secrets!

Now, I want to share that with all of you & give you access to the Replay!

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I’ll give you my “Alpha-AI YouTube Ad Training” Strategy + Replay!

A Great New AI Software to Check Out!

The Biggest Marketing Mistakes People Make with YouTube Ads!

Alright, let’s Dive In…

The Best YouTube Ad Strategy – “Alpha-AI”

Last week I did an Impromptu training on our updated 2024 “Alpha-AI” YouTube Ads Training Strategy!

This is the Core Strategy that we’re using right now to Maximize the ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) for our clients & our own business.

I Broke the Strategy down Step by Step:

The 3 Keys to a YouTube Value-Ad:



Call to Action

How to Film Your YouTube Value-Ad

Including: The “Video-Blocks” Strategy to Record 24 Ads in the Time it takes to Film 2 ½ Videos

How the Alpha-AI Targeting Strategy Works

The Core Audience Targeting options on YouTube:

Custom Interests & Purchase Intentions Audience

In-Market Audiences

Life Events

Detailed Demographics


Custom Google Search Intent Audiences

App Audiences

URL Audiences

How to Optimize Your YouTube Ads for Maximum ROAS

How to Scale Your YouTube Ads using “The Tree Scaling” Method

And More!

The Full Replay is Available using the Link & Button Below!

The Alpha-AI YouTube Ad Strategy Replay

Watch the Full Alpha-AI Training Replay:

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The Biggest YouTube Ad Mistakes (Podcast)

I recently did a podcast where I shared some of the Biggest YouTube Ad Mistakes to avoid & how to transition campaigns from the old method of content targeting —> to the new method of Alpha-AI YouTube Ads!

In the Podcast, I cover:

The Biggest Mistakes People Make Running YouTube Ads

How to Shift from Content Targeting to Audience-based Targeting

Utilizing Google’s vast First-Party Data to create hyper-targeted ad campaigns (Even after Cookies Go Away)

How to Develop engaging “value ads” that educate and convert viewers into customers

How to Multiply your Ad Variations quickly using a “Building Block” filming approach

How to Supercharge your Targeting with AI-powered KeywordSearch

Q2 Is Almost Here!

It’s almost Q2 & I can’t believe how fast the first quarter of the year has flown by already!

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