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The Best Credit Cards to Earn Rewards for Business Owners (The Complete List)

I’ve accumulated Millions of Credit Card Reward Points over the years & I’ve discovered that some cards are just better than others at earning points.

A lot of people have asked me which cards to use when they are looking to travel hack & earn the most from their existing business spend.

In the past this is something I’ve taught to our clients — but today I want to show you exactly how this works & exactly which cards to use!

I’ll break it down inside of this video & share all of the cards but first I wanted to give you just one example:

The Amex Business Gold Card allows you to Earn 4X Points on All Ad Spend (up to a certain amount per year)

This means you can earn 4 Points for every Dollar Spent on Ads — that can add up very quickly & help you earn lots of free trips around the world!

I share more details on this card & half a dozen more of the Best Business Cards to Earn Rewards in my video below:

The Best Business Cards for Rewards

The Best Personal Cards to Earn Rewards

Naturally, whenever I share the best Business Cards to Earn Rewards people ask me “What are the best Personal Cards for Rewards” – and that’s exactly what I want to share with you as well!

From the Amex Personal Gold Card that earns 4x Points on Dining & Groceries to the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card that gets you into Lounges & has tons of Travel Credits – I break it all down in this video!

We Had a Dozen Clients Come to Our Offices for Ad Astra Office Day!

I always want to share a bit of “behind the scenes” with you – and one of my favorite things that we do as a company is our “AdOutreach Office Days” where we have some of our top clients come in to meet the team in-person & have us help scale their businesses hands-on!

AdOutreach Dream Team + Clients at our Office Day in Austin TX (Feb 2024)

It was a great time filled with lots of breakthroughs, clients celebrating record-breaking months & capped with a delicious Steak Dinner at a nearby restaurant!

If you want us to help you hands-on in your business, feel free to Book a Strategy Call with our Team!

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Open AI Announces Sora AI – their New AI Video Creator which is a Game-Changer!

If you missed the announcement last week, Open AI Announced their new AI Video Generation Software called Sora AI

They released a Demo on their Website & let me tell you – it is pretty mind-blowing. What they’re able to do with generating AI video is sure to have some major ramifications in the Marketing World.

They shared that they can now create 60-second long videos from just a simple text query and the videos are far better than any other model before it.

Similar to how other AI advances have disrupted different areas of the marketing process, I can see how Sora AI is going to have a big impact on the world of video once it is released.

Check out their Demo & stay tuned here because we’ll share how to capitalize on AI Videos in a future email newsletter!

Enjoy the Travel Rewards as we Await our AI Video Future!

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