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I’ll give you my “Keys to a Profitable YouTube Channel” 

Share why Traditional Marketing Agencies are Flawed 

AND What we’re doing to Revolutionize the Industry!

Give you a Sneak-Peak at our New AI YouTube Ad Script Writer!

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The Keys to a Profitable YouTube Channel

We’ve been trained to believe that the most profitable YouTube Channels are the ones with the most Subscribers, Millions of Viewers or even the channels who’s hosts are driving around in fancy cars or sharing their mansions.

But what if I told you there’s a different type of YouTube Channel that is often making far more money than those large, flashy Channels?

It’s a Niche Business Channel with a Sales Funnel Backend

These types of YouTube Channels make up for what they lack in quantity with QUALITY – focusing on a specific Niche, dominating that niche & then offering a key solution to their viewers problems, often by providing a Service, Coaching, Consulting, Course or High Ticket offering.

By focusing on one Niche, you attract a community of potential buyers — people who are looking for the problems that you solve. When you find a way to package an offer to that audience, that is the key to a highly lucrative YouTube Channel that doesn’t require millions of fans.

I break it all down in my new YouTube Video on Profitable YouTube Channels:

🚨 The Marketing Agency Model Is Broken 🚨

There is a Fundamental Flaw with how Traditional Marketing Agencies operate that could Impact your Business’s Growth Potential when you work with them…

Traditional Agencies often keep you Behind a “Curtain,” relaying information to account managers, detached from the “𝘔𝘺𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘺 𝘔𝘦𝘥𝘪𝘢 𝘉𝘶𝘺𝘦𝘳𝘴” actually running your campaigns.

This creates a Silo and ‘Game of Telephone’ between your business, your account reps & the people who are actually running your ads (oftentimes junior-level media buyers).

The result? Average or Subpar Performance that Falls Short of Your Business Goals…

I’ve heard it time & time again from businesses who felt ‘burned’ by marketing agencies.

Here’s the thing, though, it’s less about that particular agency & more about the fact that the classic Marketing Agency Model is fundamentally flawed & in need of re-invention.

🏁 The Solution: A Fractional Media Buyer 🏁

After Becoming Disillusioned with the Traditional Agency Model, we set out to Revolutionize the Marketing Industry & Create Something Better!

No more Account Rep Middle-Men

No more “Mystery Media Buyers”

No more Sub-Par or Average Results

INSTEAD: With a Fractional Media Buyer:

Direct Collaboration with Your Media Buyer

You get a Top Tier Media Buyer with Years of Experience

A Personalized Strategy from your Fractional Media Buyer

A Fractional Media Buyer Offer prioritizes DIRECT Collaboration, Transparency, and Personalized Attention by one of our Top Media Buyers.

You get to work Directly with Your Own Fractional Media Buyer 1-1 to Achieve your Goals!

They run your ads for you AND you get to work closely with them individually so they understand your goals & you can align on a game-plan to achieve them!

Establishing a Relationship with them to Strategize Your Marketing Campaigns, Align on your Goals & Create a Real-Time Feedback Loop that Produces the Best Results! 🚀

The AdOutreach Fractional Media Buyer Offer

You’ll get one of our Dedicated Top-Tier Media Buyers who will run your YouTube Ads & work with you directly to ensure you Achieve the Best Results & ROAS Possible!

We’ll take you through our 5-step Process for Success:

– Step 1: Comprehensive Funnel & Ad Account Audit 👨‍💻

– Step 2: Tailored YouTube Ad Scripts 📝

– Step 3: Precision Audience Targeting 🎯

– Step 4: Launch, Optimize, and Scale 📈

– Step 5: Retargeting Ads, Facebook Ads & Channel Growth ♻️

You’ll work Directly with our Fractional Media Buyer who will not only Run & Manage your Ads but they will also help you Strategize your Gameplan for Success! 🚀

We are Incredibly Selective with the Clients we take on & the Caliber of our Fractional Media Buyers – this means we’ll only work with you if you’re a fit & you can rest assured that you’re working with a Top Media Buyer with Years of Experience.

Your Dedicated Fractional Media Buyer & our Industry-Leading Team Ensures that Every Step is Seamlessly Aligned with your Business Objectives & You Achieve the Best Results! 🎯

Apply for a Fractional Media Buyer 🚀 

I’m Excited to help you Achieve Your Goals with one of our Fractional Media Buyers!

AdOutreach is on a Mission to “Empower Businesses to Amplify their Impact & Create a Positive Ripple Effect on the World”

And I’d be Honored to have you be a Part of That Mission & Help You Grow Your Impact!

To Your Success,

– Aleric

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Watch the Loom Invitation Video I Made:

Watch the Loom Invitation Video I made for Fractional Media Buyer!

We Created an AI YouTube Ads Script Writer (Trained with our Top 400 Scripts!)

If you’re like us, you’ve probably tried to ask ChatGPT to write a YouTube ad script for you and have been underwhelmed by the results…

That’s why six months ago, I set out to build our own model for a YouTube Ads Script Writer – and we’ve finally cracked the code!

The secret was all in the data that we fed into the AI to make it smarter.

We’ve trained our YouTube Script AI with 400+ of our Best Performing YouTube Ad Scripts (out of the thousands we’ve written over the past 8 years)

We’ve rolled this out inside of my software KeywordSearch.com

You can get a full 5-day free trial to test-drive the new AI Script Writer feature as well & give it a try yourself!

Here’s a Loom Video of the AI Script Writer

Loom Video Demo of AI YouTube Ad Script Writer

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