One of the best funnels that I am running right now is, believe it or not, a PDF funnel! Yes, what’s old is new again — but this time with a twist!

This isn’t just your Grandpa’s PDF Funnel — it’s a new PDF Funnel that is actually a VSL (Video Sales Letter) funnel in disguise!

And in this Edition of the Marketing Minds Newsletter, I’m going to teach you how it works!

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Alright, let’s Dive In…

The Trojan Horse PDF Funnel

Believe it or not, one of the best funnels for us right now is actually our 2024 YouTube Ad Strategy PDF Funnel 

We’ve had a few iterations of this funnel over time but the basic principle is this:

YouTube Ad → PDF Optin (Simple) → VSL → Book a Call → Application

Now, the reason this works so well is that a PDF is something quick, easy & consumable – which makes it the perfect lead magnet!

In fact, we typically achieve 25-35% optin rates on our PDF Funnels at scale

That being said, the problem with vanilla, cookie-cutter PDF funnels is the fact that they don’t typically do a great job ensuring consumption & people taking action to the next step — which is why many have switched to other funnels.

VSL (Video Sales Letter) funnels on the other hand do a better job of indoctrinating ideal clients & encouraging them to take action.

But what if you could have your cake & eat it too?

Enter: The Trojan Horse PDF Funnel

It’s a PDF on the Front End — which boosts optin rates & then it’s a VSL on the Backend which increases Consumption & leads to more Booked Calls & Sales!

The Best of both worlds!

And I want to break down step-by-step exactly how this works:

Watch the Trojan Horse PDF Training:

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