One of the biggest things people have asked me since starting the Marketing Minds Newsletter has been, “How has that Impacted Your Business” That’s exactly what I want to share with you in today’s Newsletter!

As a Reminder, Our Goal with this Newsletter is to Give You the Highest Level of Value Possible. That’s my Promise to you & I intend to Over-Deliver!

Here’s a Sneak Peek at What’s Inside This Email:

I’ll share how the Marketing Minds Newsletter Impacted Our Business

And I’ll give you A Training on How I Write Email Newsletters (a Peak behind the curtain!)

I’ll also share my Favorite Principles from one of my Favorite Books “How to Win Friends & Influence People”

Alright, let’s Dive In…

How the Marketing Minds Newsletter Has Impacted my Business

A “Behind the Curtain Look” at our Marketing Minds Newsletter!

It’s been an incredible journey launching our Marketing Minds Newsletter & one of the biggest things that I’ve seen as I’ve scaled is just how valuable it is to consistently share high value content!

That’s one of the things that I strive to do in this Newsletter — my Mission is to provide as much high value content as possible to help you grow & scale your business — with no direct ask for anything in return — the Newsletter is free!

It not only feels rewarding to write & send these Newsletters, but what I’ve started to hear more & more is just how valuable they are to the readers — and that always brings a smile to my face when someone says how these articles or my YouTube videos has helped them!

That said, providing massive value not only helps other people, but ultimately it leads to a lot of what I call “Business Karma” that comes back around in positive ways!

Naturally as we provide more & more value, there are people who want to explore what it looks like to work with us & book a complimentary Video Marketing Discovery Call with our team!

On those calls we also continue our mission of providing value by really understanding their businesses & mapping out a game-plan to scale and grow with YouTube Ads & Video Marketing!

This leads to many of those Entrepreneurs deciding to become clients to get our help for them to continue to grow & scale with YouTube Ads & Video Marketing!

So not only do I get to provide value to all of my Readers — I also get to work closer with those who raise their hands to become clients as well!

I love amazing Win-Win-Wins like that!

My Email Newsletter Strategy (Full Guide)

Now, this wouldn’t be a Marketing Minds Newsletter if I didn’t give you a great piece of value that you can use to implement this strategy yourself!

So I went ahead & filmed a 17 minute in-depth guide that walks you through exactly how I write these Marketing Minds Newsletters & how you can do your own Newsletter as well!

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My Favorite Principles from How to Win Friends & Influence People

One of my Favorite Personal Development books is Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends & Influence People

I remember first reading the book in College & it started me on a journey of Personal Development & taught me principles I still live by today!

Recently I recapped some of my favorite principles with my AdOutreach Dream Team on the Daily Huddles we do each morning — and it was a hit!

So I wanted to share that with all of you as well — with a YouTube video I released a while ago sharing my Favorite Principles from the book!

Thank You!

This Marketing Minds Newsletter wouldn’t be what it is today without YOU – so Thank You!

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