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Want Our 19 Page PDF On Our $200MM+ YouTube Ad Strategy? Click Here 🚀

Want Our 19 Page PDF On Our $200MM+ YouTube Ad Strategy? Click Here 🚀

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PODCAST VIDEO: Scale your Business 10x With These Marketing Strategies

On this episode of business legend Jay Abraham’s The Ultimate Entrepreneur, Aleric talks everything YouTube ads.

From the cost of running YouTube ads to crafting your own, we cover it all in this podcast. As an added bonus, we even cover some of our OmniPresent Retargeting strategies!

VIDEO PODCAST: The Power of Video Advertising and YouTube Ads

In this episode of Yuval Selick’s The 7 Hats, Aleric recalls the journey that begin when his passion for tech lead to launching a YouTube channel

to becoming a recognized figure in the video advertising world. It’s been a journey of constant learning, adapting, and innovating, and I’m excited to share the milestones and the hurdles I encountered along the way. Yuval and I dissect the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, focusing on the power of video advertising and how it can dramatically transform your business’s reach and engagement.

VIDEO PODCAST: Create Value-Driven Video Marketing That Converts, Captivates, and Connects

On this episode of Joe Valley’s Quiet Light Podcast, Aleric explores a range of topics centered around his journey with YouTube and its impact on his entrepreneurial career.

Aleric discusses his initial foray into YouTube, and the evolving landscape of YouTube advertising. He explains the distinctions between YouTube TV and YouTube’s traditional platform, offering insights into their different utilities for advertisers. He also identifies the types of businesses that benefit most from using YouTube Ads and shares his tailored approach to client collaboration.

VIDEO PODCAST: The Ripple Effect of Video Marketing

In this episode of Josh Elledge’s The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, Aleric shares an inspiring (and thoughtful) success story of a client who, through the strategic use of YouTube ads, was able to support hundreds of local businesses.

In today’s digital landscape, video content reigns supreme, and Aleric is at the forefront of this revolution. He explains why video-based ads are so effective, emphasizing their ability to forge a deeper connection with audiences. This story is a testament to the far-reaching influence that thoughtful marketing can have.

VIDEO PODCAST: AdOutreach: Our Strategies, Tools, and Lessons Learned

In this episode of Dr. Jeremey Weisz’s INspired INsider, Aleric dives deep into the story of AdOutreach, his 8-figure marketing consultancy.

He also shares the secret sauce behind KeywordSearch, the game-changing SaaS/AI Marketing Tool that’s transforming the way marketers target their ads on Google and YouTube.

Plus, ever heard of Hackathons? It’s a fun innovation session we host at AdOutreach, and Aleric lets you in on how it’s been a cornerstone in pushing our boundaries…

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