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How YouTube Can Help Coaches & Consultants Reach 7 Figures or More

There’s a question we get quite often: “Why is YouTube one of the best platforms for coaches & consultants looking to grow their business to 6, 7, or even 8-figures and beyond?”

It’s simple. 

You can catch people with high INTENT toward actually taking the action your service provides.  Unlike Facebook (where people are generally being social and ads need to interrupt that attention), people on YouTube are often actually searching for how to do something.

Think about being a mindset coach and being able to target someone actively searching for “how to overcome a limiting belief.”  How much more potent and likely to become a client do you think that person is versus someone scrolling their friends’ latest vacation photos?

Between this and the sheer volume of information Google (which owns YouTube) can tap into with each user, YouTube tends to deliver a high volume of highly qualified leads to coaches and consultants in the high-ticket space.

Also, consider the overwhelming number of users.

Every day, YouTube gets more than 30 MILLION visitors.

Almost 5 BILLION videos are watched on the site daily.

Want to know the best part?

As mentioned earlier, a significant percentage of these visitors are in learning mode, consuming tutorials, how-to videos, and case studies. (ie: they have a high intent for action).

This is the opposite of Facebook, where most people are in consumption mode.

Another reason YouTube is so popular amongst marketers is the ability to pre-sell people more effectively before sending them to your landing page.  Since people are often in learning or problem-solving mode, they tend to be more open to longer ad videos as long as there is real value being provided.  

This gives you more opportunity to effectively explain the challenge they’re facing and the nuances of your solution.  Doing this positions you as the authority and provides you the opportunity to create a genuine connection, get them excited, and have them engaged before even sending them to your page.

The result?

They’re more likely to not only visit your landing page but also to book a call (or whatever call to action you want them to take) because you’ve already pre-framed expectations.

That’s why it’s so important to get the first steps in your YouTube advertising done right because it’s the first domino that really sets up all the following steps for success.

And let’s not overlook the potential for going viral. One innovative, truly creative video (organic or repurposed as an ad )can transform your business nearly overnight.  Filling your calendar with hot prospects and positioning you as the leading expert in a surprisingly short amount of time.

The ad itself will do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to getting attention to your page and offer. That’s why time spent on the creative will provide infinitely more results than designing a logo or fancy website.

It’s important to keep in mind that, because of the option to skip an ad, you only have five seconds to impress your consulting, coaching, or high-ticket leads, so a powerful hook is critical.

A truly powerful ad will likely have a few more key elements as well, including:

  • Establishing your credibility
  • A compelling and well-crafted call-to-action (CTA)
  • Positioning that overcomes objections ahead of time
  • Social proof that provides credibility and builds trust

And that’s just the beginning!

One of the first things we do with our new clients for our ads-focused programs is to give them a custom 1-1 scripting call that uses our proven framework to craft a winning ad that captures the attention of their ideal client.
If you’re interested in advertising on video and want our step-by-step support for creating high-converting video marketing campaigns so you can land more high-ticket clients, click here to set up a call with one of our YouTube ad experts now.

Organic Vs. Paid Ads? What’s More Effective For Coaches & Consultants In 2023?

In this rapidly evolving industry, we must stay ahead of the crowd to rise above the noise.

However, with so many different lead generation strategies and platforms to leverage…

…what’s the most effective way to scale a Coaching & Consulting business today?

More specifically – what’s the strategy that will help you rise above the noise and position yourself as an industry leader?

Well, first, we need to analyze our options.

For one, we have organic vs. paid acquisition methods.

There are pros and cons to both.

With organic, you can begin generating clients with zero ad spend.

That’s its biggest pro—high paying clients with minimal expenses on our end.

And honestly, I’m a big fan of organic marketing.

It’s a great way to enhance the relationship you have with your market. 

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

With organic marketing, you must be ready to create *consistently* powerful content.

For organic marketing to work, you can’t create surface-level content anyone can get from a “motivational” Instagram page.

Your content needs to feel unique, profound, and authentic.

Plus, this isn’t a one-time sort of deal.

You’re creating content 3-5 times a week. Heck, usually, you’re doing something every day.

And honestly, you may not generate your first lead or client after several consistent weeks of doing this.

Now I’m not saying organic marketing doesn’t work.

Again, I believe it’s super powerful and a fantastic tool to have in your arsenal.

However, if you’re asking me for the BEST and most EFFECTIVE strategy for booking out your calendar and selling out your high ticket programs…

…then I believe paid traffic is the clear answer.

Here’s why:

If you can create a paid marketing strategy that helps you turn $1 into $2, $3, $5+, then you have cracked the code to scaling your business. 

But to make paid traffic work, you need the RIGHT medium.

And in my opinion, there’s no vehicle better suited for Coaches and Consultants than YouTube.

With YouTube, you capture people with INTENTION.

You capture people who are ACTIVELY looking for your solution.

And once you have the right message and offer, you gain the power to advertise your business in front of your ideal audience at the perfect time.

In fact, did you know over 68% of buyers use the YouTube platform to solidify their purchasing decisions?

What’s even crazier is that only an estimated 9% of business owners leverage the platform…creating a Blue Ocean for you.

With just one video, you can reach your hottest prospects at the perfect time and produce a wave of quality leads, applications, and sales for your program.

Now, I want to note that while paid traffic is incredible, it works best for a specific type of coach or consultant.  Usually this is one who has been in business for a while who has a proven offer that both resonates with their ideal buyer and can get them the results.  Also, paid traffic tends to work best for people who have the desire and team support to scale. 

These are all really crucial to get the most value out of YouTube ads or really paid traffic from any channel.

If you’re newer to coaching or consulting or are still working to refine your offer and match it with your ideal client, then don’t worry –– organic is the perfect platform for you and you’ll be able to scale up past $10K/mo with just that.

That said, if you check all the boxes YouTube is the perfect platform for a coach or consultants to reach your ideal audience and scale your business past 6, 7, and even 8 figures. 

However, how can you know for sure – without a shred of doubt – that YOUR audience is waiting for you on YouTube?

Well, one of the first things we do with new clients is dial in on their ideal audience and create a specific game plan to capture their attention with powerful YouTube ads. 

So if you’re interested in discovering what a customized YouTube Ads Game Plan can look like for your business…

…Click the link here to set up a free strategy session with one of our YouTube Ad Advisors now.

The #1 Mistake Coaches & Consultants Make with Their Paid Ads

YouTube is an exceptional resource for getting clients, whether you’re a coach, consultant, or business owner.


The primary reason is that you’re presenting yourself.

And if you genuinely want to connect with your ideal clients, few ways are better than sharing your message with them via video.

You’re capturing people’s attention.

You’re showcasing your expertise.

You’re able to share a clear and concise call to action.

All strictly based on your video.

But all this means nothing if you can’t place your video in front of our ideal audience.

As the old adage goes: 

If a tree falls in the woods, but no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

The best way to make as much noise as possible is using our 3D YouTube Ads Targeting strategy.

It allows you to pinpoint the right person, not just based on who they are, but what they’re watching on YouTube.

Keep this in mind – YouTube has intent.

And because of that, you can target people based on:

✅ Videos specific to your niche or specialty

✅ Channels that are in direct line with your business, and 

✅ Keywords people are already watching

How can this benefit your business?

By using 3D YouTube ad strategies, you can reach the right people at the right time with the right message. No other platform gives you the power to be so ultra-specific!

The hook. The education/value. The compelling call to action.

If done correctly, all three elements combine to make your offer irresistible. You can create a metaphorical feeding frenzy for your webinar, funnel, or whatever the next step is.

But if no one sees your ad, none of this matters, which brings us to the point of this article.

What’s the #1 mistake people make with their paid advertising?

This question contains a few underlying reasons why coaches and consultants can’t get decent ROAS. 

Too many people, most still using Facebook ads (unfortunately):

🛑 Target the same audiences

🛑 Utilize the same cut and paste ad templates

🛑 Don’t realize all you need is a smartphone and a gimbal to be successful

They rinse and repeat this process expecting different results when they haven’t done anything to change their ads. On Facebook, everyone’s advertising against each other, plus there are a ton of images. And because the video doesn’t automatically play, a person can sail right past your ad if scrolling on their phone or tablet.

Picture someone not giving your ad, the ad you worked on so diligently, a second look because it flew by them in a blur.

On the other hand, YouTube is a blue ocean where intent is plentiful. You can get in front of people while they’re researching their desired topic. 

Keep in mind YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google.

So if someone is searching for “how to get in shape,” “how to grow my business,” “how to write a book,” or any other search parameters, you’ll be able to put your ad in front of that person. 

This will allow you to capture that prospect while they are in “the learner’s mindset.”

They are warm and already interested in what you have to offer (if you’re using the right strategies).

So the biggest mistake we see when people post their ads is that they aren’t focusing on intent.  

A recent study by Ipsos (a global market research firm) and Google revealed that video ads incorporating intent have a significantly more significant impact than those based on demographics and interest alone.

Google also conducted its own research comparing ads that focused on demographics to ads that included demos and intent. The ads that combined intent with demos saw a 32% increase in company recall and an incredible 100% increase in the likelihood a consumer would buy that particular product or service.

Now let’s compare this to ads that focus primarily on demographics: Those didn’t produce an increase in recall or purchase intent!

And Facebook ads are extremely demographic-focused.

One of the biggest problems with Facebook ads is that you’re constantly in a feast or famine cycle- one day, you could get a bunch of leads, and the next day is a big goose egg. 

The reason coaches, consultants, and business owners experience this infuriating roller coaster is that they focus on only two dimensions:

  1. Demographics
  2. Interests or what pages that person has liked in the past

The rest is up to Facebook’s algorithm. 

So your ad could be shown when you want or when someone is brushing their teeth before bed. 

You have no control.

With YouTube, you can not only target people with intent, but you can put your ad in front of them when they’re looking up what you have to offer.

Imagine how that can completely transform your business!

You could show them how to grow their business if they’re researching Shopify.

If they’re searching for Tony Robbins, you can help them improve their mindset.

You can map out an innovative fitness program if they’re searching for ways to lose weight.

You get the idea. The possibilities are endless.

So don’t rely on an algorithm. Don’t make a sacrifice to the Facebook gods hoping that your campaigns are going to work.

Instead, focus on intent. Ensure your ads are put in front of the right person, at the right time, with the right message.

If you want to get off the revenue roller coaster and create a proven system for generating consistent leads, sales, and revenue so you can finally reach 7 or 8+ figures, click here.

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